Our Recent Projects

We have successfully completed a wide variety of new construction jobs as well as small and large additions. Take a look below to see some of our recently completed projects.



Hockey Arena Moose Lake, MB
Moose Lake, MB
Ironmen, Winkler MB
Ironmen Winkler, MB
Ironmen, Winkler MB
Winkler, MB
The Pas, MB
Enerkem AB Enerkem AB
Regina Sk Regina Sk
Winkler MB Winkler MB
Faulkner MB Faulkner MB
Ile De Chenes MB Ile De Chenes MB
Winkler & Morden Between Winkler & Morden
Hyak Energy Sk Hyak Energy Sk

Why Steel?

- Steel buildings have steel girts and purlins vs unpainted wood that tend to shift and warp over time, that cause the screws to loosen and the holes to widen which is a leading cause of roof leaks


- The zinc galvanized coating or red oxide that is applied to the steel at the mill will protect against rust and will not warp due to condensation


- Steel buildings are not subject to termites


- Steel buildings are not subject to fire hazards that can result in a 35-40% insurance increase


- Steel buildings design does not include a bottom cord which then elemintes the need for a higher pitched roof and results in 100% untilzed space. Also eliminates  a place for birds to roost in the bulding

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