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Steinbach, MB


    I just wanted to let you know that we had our building looked at with thermal imaging in the middle of the last -40 cold snap and good news! The customer that did it wanted there to be voids and heat loss because he tried to sell us the insulation and was hoping to prove the error of our ways; he was disappointed. He grudgingly admitted he has seen hundreds of steel buildings and he has never seen one insulated as well as ours. Yay! I looked with him and we looked where there were  studs, beams, corners, screws, where the building meets the concrete, etc. obviously some areas are colder than others but the difference was minimal and there was very little heat loss. I am now extra reassured. I did tell him before he started that we upgraded the type of insulation and that your team is top notch so what he was expecting I knew we wouldn’t see, however, I expected voids and I was wrong. 


So, thanks again!



Denise Kehler


GenAg Winkler


We are more than happy with the company’s work.“Wiebe's Welding and Steel Structures of Morden, Barry Wiebe and Bernhard Teichroeb are excellent people to work with getting to know them through our quest for a steel building. From the time they could get at the project until now, they have worked extremely hard, staying on time, above and beyond support, cooperative, doing many extras they would not have had to do.”Bernard Teichroeb, Wiebe’s onsite production manager looks after the administration and making sure they do each task and job well.

“Everything from coordinating what tools and supplies we need, making sure the customer gets what they want."




Justin Kehler of GenAg,


Norte Dame Used Oil


Top professional work, Nice team of workers, Job delivered on time. All this made this project a very pleasant experince

We wish you all the best with your business!




Hoosier, SK


Thank you so much. You have the best crew ever. We are completly satisfied.


Tom & Sylvia

Why Steel?

- Steel buildings have steel girts and purlins vs unpainted wood that tend to shift and warp over time, that cause the screws to loosen and the holes to widen which is a leading cause of roof leaks


- The zinc galvanized coating or red oxide that is applied to the steel at the mill will protect against rust and will not warp due to condensation


- Steel buildings are not subject to termites


- Steel buildings are not subject to fire hazards that can result in a 35-40% insurance increase


- Steel buildings design does not include a bottom cord which then elemintes the need for a higher pitched roof and results in 100% untilzed space. Also eliminates  a place for birds to roost in the bulding

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